About Victoria

Growing up in Cumbria, I have always felt a strong connection with the natural world...And for as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for art & creativity. I used to dream of one day bringing these two loves together and in 2013 found my dreams becoming a reality...the rest is history so to speak!

Much of what I create is strongly linked to one of the most inspirational times of my life where I decided to escape my rushed, busy life and venture north to the Highlands of Scotland. Surrounded by lochs, mountains, endless vistas and the wonderful, deep hues of the heather, my creativity was set ablaze, a fire, which to this day, continues to fuel my creative journey. Working from my small home studio, I happily spend hours reflecting on my time in the Highlands and in the Lake District to sketch past adventures and dream of new ones.

My experiences and creative journey have helped to develop my work and life philosophy, primarily to;
- be true to one's self
- follow your passion
- create your own path
I hope and believe that this philosophy is reflected in my art and will be obvious enough to come across to you too.

So please, join me on my journey, take a browse through my site and come say 'Hi' over on social media. We can drink tea, and talk about our dreams and wishes into the wee small hours!